Tradition that distinguishes itself


¨Avante¨ means to advance and was founded by Nicolás Paul Rauda who started his business preparing homemade chipotle peppers and sauces.
Introduced his products to friends and then began selling them at convenient stores.
For several years the brand was commercialized in Córdoba, Veracruz
and surroundings.

At Present

Avante Gourmet S.A. de C.V. continues to be the leading brand in hot sauces in the region and has preserved its distinctive traditional flavor.
It has presence in several states nationwide and in the United States.

Our Vision

Our products exceed consumers’ expectations thanks to our high

standards of quality and the traditional homemade taste.

We are a highly productive company that values professional ethics such as honesty and responsibility. And we stride to provide the best service to our customers.

We are proud of our origin and highly committed to our social environment by providing support to people in need.

The mexicans sauce

 Office: +52   (271)  71 20023

 Avenida 19 #104 Fracc. Alameda. Córdoba,Veracruz.

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